Idea Platforms

Idea development.
Book creation.
Platform strategy.

At Idea Platforms, Inc., we collaborate with individuals and organizations who want to bring their ideas and practices to a wide audience by creating an idea platform: a book, speaking, media, public engagements—multiple forms of expression that enrich each other, provoke conversation, and catalyze positive change.

We focus on the book as the key element of the platform and specialize in non-fiction content that deals with current affairs, usually with a business focus and a specialist take—sociology, technology, history, economics, psychology, philanthropy, literature.

We work with top literary agencies and have placed books with many of the leading publishing houses. Our authors and their works have won awards, been featured in major media venues, and have appeared on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, BusinessWeek, and other publications.


John Butman, Author John Butman
Founder and Principal Idea Platforms, Inc.

John Butman, founder and principal, is an author and communications expert with forty years of experience in developing and expressing ideas in multiple forms. He has collaborated with world-class experts and organizations throughout the United States and Europe, and in Africa, India, and China.

John Butman's Books

John’s own work includes Breaking Out (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013) and, with co-author Simon Targett, New World, Inc: How England’s Merchant Adventurers Created America (Little, Brown, 2018).